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van ply lining

Carpeting for van walls

In addition to our van ply lining service we can also offer carpeted van ply walls and floors, these are a custom service offered by Vans A La Mode, but we can do it. Best suited to photographers, musicians, videographers, etc these carpeted van walls, allow for storage and transportation of musical instruments, photographic equipment, video cameras , etc with the added layer of protection that the carpeting adds, it also makes sliding flight cases of other items in and out of the van a little easier.


Water resistant van flooring

At Vans A La Mode we like to cover all bases for our customers, that is why we offer products such as our resin coated ply van floors. The main benefit of the resin coated van floors is to give them water resistance. For our customers who often carry wet products, cleaners, water tanks, etc our resin coated ply floors give peace of mind, no need to worry about the wooden floor of your van getting wet and rotting. The resin coated van floors are water resistant, so can be dried completely.

Another benefit of our resin ply van floors is that they can be washed out, so if you split something in your van or carry animals that may have accidents in the back, the van floor can simply be washed/hosed out removing dirt and smells.

Mobile installs for van ply lining in Manchester

Vans A La Mode are now offering mobile installation on our van ply lining its for customers within most areas of Manchester and Cheshire. Our van ply lining installation services extends to most popular makes and models of vans or varying wheelbases and roof heights.

Our van ply lining allows van owners to ply line the floor, walls and add ply wheel arch boxes to the back of vans, to protect the metal body of the van and also protect the goods being stored/transported.



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