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What is the best way to secure a ladder to my van roof?

Well there are multiple options in the Vans A La Mode range the will allow you to safely store and transport your ladders on the roof of your van.

The Rhino Racking range we offer at Vans A La Mode Manchester has 2 main ladder storage solutions. the first is called the Rhino Ladderstow, it helps to secure a single ladder the roof of your van. the second ladder storage solution we offer at Vans A La Mode in Manchester is the Rhino Safestow3, the Rhino Safestow 3 not only allows store of your ladder on your van roof but also assists with the loading and unloading of that ladder via its innovative system.

Both the Rhino Ladderstow and the Rhino Safestow 3 require installation or either Rhino Delta bars or Rhino Roof racks. this is due to the Rhino products working together to offer a complete van racking solution.

Rhino Ladderstow

The Rhino Ladderstow system creates a dedicated area on your roof rack for ladder storage.

The Rhino Ladderstow is made of robust metal that allows you to easily slide your ladders into your van roof without causing any damage. once loaded onto the Rhino Ladderstow system your ladder can then be strapped down using the Ladderstow’s straps and buckles. once strapped in your ladders will be safely secured to the roof of your van, ready for transportation.

The smooth loading of the Ladderstow means there is no longer a need to climb in to the van or van roof to store ladders, you simply need a bit of physical effort to tilt the ladders and and push up.

For an even easier way of loading the ladders on to the roof of your van you can opt for the Rhino Safestow 3 system.

ladderstow systems manchester
rhino ladderstow manchester


Rhino Safestow 3

The Rhino Safestow 3 ladder storage system allows very easy loading and unloading of ladders on to commercial vehicles.

The Rhino Safestow 3 can also be specced to store 2 ladders at once for added convenience.

The Rhino Safestow 3 system has been designed to make loading and unloading of ladders very easy. it uses gas powered struts to assist with the lifting of the ladders into position, so the user can simply slide the ladder forward on to the roof. and when it comes time to remove the ladder from the roof of the van, the Rhino Safestow 3 will lower the ladder down for you, so very minimal effort is required to load and unload your ladders.

safestow systems manchester
rhino safestow manchester


Rhino Safeclamp

For added security you can also use the Rhino Safeclamp system to lock your ladders into the Rhino Ladderstow or Rhino Safestow 3 systems, having a lock and key mechanism makes the ladders very hard to remove from your vehicle.

rhino safeclamp
rhino safeclamp manchester


The Rhino Ladderstow, Rhino Safestow 3 and Rhino Safeclamp are all available from Vans A La Mode in Manchester. all of our Rhino Racking products are available with installation however we can also supply them for a DIY installation.

What is the difference between Roof Bars and Roof Racks?

In terms of aesthetics the Rhino Roof Bars we sell at Vans A La Mode look very similar to the Rhino Roof Racks we sell from our manchester warehouse. that is because they are both very well made Rhino Racking products that offer very similar performance. the rhino delta bar roof bar systems are available in 2 bar, 3 bar and 4 bar varieties. the Rhino Delta roof bars are horizontal bars that go across the roof of a van. they offer the ability to store and transport items on top of the roof of your van with ease.

At Vans A La Mode we have sold and installed dozens of the Rhino delta roof bar systems to a wide range of commercial vehicles , from Transit vans to Renault Traffics. the great hing about the Delta bar systems is that they are made to fit each van and you only have to add an additional roof bar if you have a longer wheelbase van (LWB).

Vans A La Mode covers all of Manchester and Cheshire with our Rhino racking products, so we can install our Delta bar Roof Racking systems in a wide area and in town, village and cities across the north west. vans a la mode offers installation services at our warehouse but we can also offer mobile installation of your Rhino racking products. last week we were in Altrincham instilling a 3 bar Delta bar system, the week before we were in trafford park installing 5 aluminium roof racks to some brand new vans, our scope for supplying and installing the rhino racking rang his vast.

With regards to the Rhino roof racks the major difference between then and the Rhino delta bars systems is the inclusion of side rails. the rhino modular and Rhino aluminium roof racks have side rails build into the structure of the roof rack, so it is more robust and also offers the added security of having side rails to hold items in place easier.

Whether you are after a Rhino delta bar system or a full rhino roof rack we can help. Vans A La Mode is an official stockist of the rhino racking range, so we can supply the Rhino Delta Bars and Rhino Roof Racks for very competitive prices with installation in Manchester or just as supply only for a DIY install.

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