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How do our vehicle accident cameras work?

vans a la mode in manchester likes to offer a range of safety and security solutions to our customers, os they can protect their vans and their drivers as much as possible.

one of our newer products is the vehicle accident camera. these little cameras can be installed into a van for under £200 and will record and incidents that may happen during the vans daily drive.

the technical bit

our vehicle accident cameras work by constantly recording the view from the windscreen of the van. once memory card in the cameras is full it will start to overwrite what was previously recorded.

the clever part

inside the vehicle accident camera is a sensor that monitors g force, if it notices strong and sudden G forces (like that what are experienced during a accident) it will stop overwriting it memory and save a section of video to show a few minutes before the accident and a few minutes after the accident.

so a vehicle accident cameras from vans a la mode can help to keep a visual copy of what happened before, during and after an accident, should your commercial vehicle get into one. provided valuable evidence to provide to insurers, police, etc.

our vehicle accident cameras are now becoming a must have feature for most van fleets as it helps to protect the companies interests and provide information that goes beyond relying on statements from drivers.

we have installed dozens of accident cameras to single vans and van fleets across the north west, we have customers from several housing associations spread across greater manchester and cheshire (salford, wilmslow, warrington, altrincham) and can provide the same service to you.

van cameras manchester
vehicle accident cameras

vehicle accident camera options

at vans a la mode we like to offer a full range of products to suit all of our clients requirements and budgets.

our basic accident camera offer s single front facing camera that will record the road ahead and provide vital evidence should an accident occur.

beyond this we have a gps enabled vehicle accident camera, this system still record the road ahead but also motors the location of the vehicle. the gps coordinates of the vehicle at the time of record, etc can all be shown, providing even more evidence to support claims.


vehicle dash cams
vehicle accident cams

for fleet managers we have our top tier vehicle accident camera, this camera has a front facing camera to record the road as well as the gps system to locate the van but it also have a second internal facing camera. this camera records the driver whilst they are driving. so additional evidence can be shown to make sure your drivers are practicing safe driving, being alert, etc.

to find out more about our vehicle adding cameras for vans and fleet vehicle please give us a call on 0161 641 7384 or email


How to track your fleet? – for Vans A La Mode

The bigger your company gets, the more vehicles you need, and the amount of risk associated with people driving your vehicles increases.

So how can you monitor what your drivers are doing day to day?

At Vans A La Mode we aim to offer a complete range of products to make life easier for our clients, so the best solution to help you monitor your drivers and vehicles is to add our commercial vehicle trackers.

Vans A La Mode offer a range of vehicle trackers to suit all budgets and requirements but our commercial vehicle trackers offer the most in depth vehicle tracking options. with our commercial vehicle trackers you can monitor the following functions of your vehicle in real time and trace the back in time to specific time snd dates.

  • vehicle location
  • speed travelled
  • fuel economy
  • braking force
  • service dates
  • mot dates
  • insurance renewal dates
  • engine cut off

some of our commercial vehicle tracker also allow you to monitor your entire fleet at the same time, showing all of your vehicles on a nationwide map, you can zoom into each vehicle to get more information on it.

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