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July 2017

Citroen dispatch dog cage van conversion


Here you can see a recent dog cage van conversion we have carried out on a Citroen dispatch van. This medium sized van is a great van for housing dog cages due to its boxy shape allowing maximum cage sizes with easy access. The client who owns this van opted for a 2 up 2 down configuration for the rear section of this van. the 2 up 2 down configuration allows for 2 large-medium sized cages on the lower level, perfect for housing medium to large size dogs such as Labradors. the second tier of dog cages at the rear of this van allows for housing and transport of smaller dogs.

the grey flooring shown Inside the van is our water-resistant material that allows for easy cleaning and reduction of smells and stains. The water-resistant flooring is also added to the upper tier of cages.

as you can see each cage is fitted with high quality locking mechanisms to ensure secure housings for the animals.

The middle section of the van has been fitted with a partition allowing for this area to be used either as 2 medium sized dog cages or 1 very large dog cage. This area can also be used as an escape route for the animals housed in the cages at the rear of the van. In the event of a crash the back walls of the rear dog cages can be quickly opened to remove the dogs from the van without using the rear doors.


Plethora77 is now Live!!!

Our group companies website is now live, check out Plethora77 to find out more about how Vans A La Mode is linked to a whole host of other interesting and useful companies.

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