Well if you are regularly transporting long and thin items that are cumbersome or susceptible to damage then a van pipe tube from Vans A La Mode in Manchester can help to reduce your worries. Our Rhino van pipe tubes are made from high grade aluminium and can withstand a lot of abuse.

the benefit of having a rhino pipe tube over an alternative brand is that it will work perfectly with our rhino delta bar roof bars and our rhino roof rack systems. the rhino pipe tube and rhino roof racks have been specifically designed to work as a pairing.

a rhino pipe tube is fitted to the roof of your van via a rhino roof bar or rhino roof rack system, from here you can load the pipe tube with copper pipes and other long an thin items that are likely to get damaged if left to roll about inside of your van.

the rhino pipe tube works in conjunction with the rhino racking systems, so that it can be installed to any van with a rhino roof rack. so all you have to do is select which length of rhino pipe tube you would require.

the rhino pipe tubes are supplied as a DIY install by Vans A La Mode but if required our installers in Manchester can carry out the fitment of the rhino pipe tube to your rhino rack.