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November 2015

Why do you need a Van Roof Rack?

Well if you are in the building trade a roof rack is a must have item. the versatility to store and transport items on to of your work van is a massive benefit.

At Vans A La Mode – Manchester we sell the full range of rhino racking products, so if you need extra space in your van and want to utilise the space on your van roof we can help. the rhino roof rack range consists of 3 main items.

the rhino delta roof bar system

this is the basic option, we have delta roof bars system in 2 bar, 3 bar, 4 bar and 5 bar versions. each is suited to fit different van makes and models as well as different wheelbases and van trim levels.

rhino modular roof rack

the rhino modular roof rack is a the rhino racking brands standard offering for a full roof rack. the difference between the van roof bars and van roof rack is that the rhino modular roof rack is a fun system, with both bars and rails, so it covers the whole of the van roof and its side rails help to store items better.

rhino aluminium roof rack

the rhino aluminium roof rack is the premium offering from rhino racking with regards to van roof racks. it is made mostly of aluminium so has a massive weight saving over the rhino modular roof rack. the aluminium is just as hard wearing as the steel in the rhino modular roof rack but its lower weight can make great savings on fuel economy. so although the rhino aluminium roof rack is more expensive than the rhino modular roof rack it is likely to save you money overall.

Vans A La Mode are based in Manchester and offer installation services for all the Rhino Racking Products we sell but most of our Rhino racking products can be easily installed in a DIY system. Therefore we can supply Rhino racking products throughout the UK on a supply only basis.

to get more information about our rhino racks and allow us to give you a quote for a rhino rack that is suitable for your van please get in touch today.

You can call our Manchester office on 0161 641 8374 or simply send us an email to

our rhino racks can be installed for companies in Manchester, cheshire and North West England. our installers can also come out to you in bring the van into our manchester warehouse is difficult.


How to track your fleet? – for Vans A La Mode

The bigger your company gets, the more vehicles you need, and the amount of risk associated with people driving your vehicles increases.

So how can you monitor what your drivers are doing day to day?

At Vans A La Mode we aim to offer a complete range of products to make life easier for our clients, so the best solution to help you monitor your drivers and vehicles is to add our commercial vehicle trackers.

Vans A La Mode offer a range of vehicle trackers to suit all budgets and requirements but our commercial vehicle trackers offer the most in depth vehicle tracking options. with our commercial vehicle trackers you can monitor the following functions of your vehicle in real time and trace the back in time to specific time snd dates.

  • vehicle location
  • speed travelled
  • fuel economy
  • braking force
  • service dates
  • mot dates
  • insurance renewal dates
  • engine cut off

some of our commercial vehicle tracker also allow you to monitor your entire fleet at the same time, showing all of your vehicles on a nationwide map, you can zoom into each vehicle to get more information on it.

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