vans a la mode manchester offer the complete rhino rack range including all their accessories, this includes one of their most popular products, the rhino pipe tube. the rhino pipe tube systems offer the best method for transporting copper pipe, conduit and other long slim items that cannot be bend (until intended). made from the ground up by rhino their pipe tube systems have been created from very high spec materials to offer class leading performance that can withstand a high amount of weathering and abuse.

for plumbers or heating companies the rhino pipe tube is a most buy product for all vans thanks to its ability to store and transport up to 50 15mm copper tubes.

as with most rhino racking products the rhino pipe tube can be installed onto other rhino racking products. this rhino pipetube system can be installed onto a rhino modular roof rack, a rhino aluminium roof rack and onto their rhino delta bar systems.

to reduce weight at the top of the van, the rhino pipe tube systems are made mostly from aluminium. this aluminium is powder coated to offer maximum protection against weathering and is finished in silver as standard to give a modern, clean and minimalist look.

the end cap of the rhino pipe tube consists of a steel bulkhead with a plastic cone to give excellent protection as well as great aerodynamics.

the rhino pipe tube systems are available in 2 metre and 3 metre lengths, to suit different size vans. they have end caps on each end to give 2 access points for loading and unloading the rhino pipe tube. these end caps can also be locked once loaded to keep what is inside safe.

van pipe tubes manchester
rhino pipe tubes manchester