to compliment the range of rhino roof racks and rhino ladder storage systems on offer at Vans A La Mode Manchester, we also offer their Safeclamp systems to help secure ladders to the rhino roof bars, roof racks, ladderstows, etc.

made from stainless steel and composite the rhino safeclamp offers unrivalled strength and longevity due to additional resistance against rust. with its revolutionary one touch clamping method the rhino safeclamp is 5 times quicker to use when compared to screw on ladder clamps. attaching the rhino safeclamp couldn’t be easier, simply hook the underside of the ladder roof rack or roof bar with the stainless steel hook and lower the yellow composite bar down onto the ladder. lift up the arm and you are done.  to remove the rhino safeclamp just unlock the lock with one of the supplied keys, press the red button and turn the handle. no need to wait time screwing the ladder clamp down to secure the ladder to your roof rack.

rhino safeclamp
rhino safeclamp manchester