we offer 2 rhino roof rack systems, both offer exceptional quality and performance for different budgets.

our first option for the rhino racking system is the modular steel roof rack. these roof racks are made of heavy duty welded steel that can carry 8×4 panels. the modular roof rack is just that, modular. this mens that it is bolted together on the van. due to the quality construction of the rhino modular roof rack their modular construction does not effect their performance in anyway, there are no structural weaknesses.

as standard the rhino modular roof rack has an aerofoil on the front to limit wind noise and low drag resistance, therefore helping with fuel consumption of our van compared to if some other roof racks systems were installed instead. the final key features of the modular rhino roof rack is the inclusion of a rear roller as standard. the rear roller allows for much easier loading of items into the roof rack by greatly reducing the friction, allowing ladders, boards and panels to be relatively easily slip up only the roof rack system.

manchester rhino racking
rhino roof rack manchester

aluminium roof rack system

if your budget can allow for it we also offer the aluminium roof rack from the rhino roof rack range.

the biggest bonus of the aluminium rhino roof rack is the great reduction in overall weight. the aluminium roof rack system is 25% lighter than the modular steel roof rack system. this weight saving transfers to massive savings in fuel economy when compared to the modular system.

the aluminium roof rack by rhino has been designed as a next generation roof racking system, it is constructed from aluminium and composites, these materials matched with the high quality British manufacture allow it to offer superior levels of performance while greatly reducing weight.

the sleek design of the rhino aluminium roof rack also helps with aerodynamics, this reduction in drag also helps with fuel economy as well as wind noise.

as with the modular steel roof rack system, the aluminium rhino roof rack system also comes with a rear roller installed to assist with loading and un-lading of the items on the roof rack.

rhino roof racks manchester
aluminium roof racks manchester

if you are based in the Manchester or Cheshire area we offer a full fitting service for all of our rhino roof rack systems. the roof rack systems are also available supply only if you are happy to install them yourself.