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January 2015

Rhino Van Accessories in Manchester and Cheshire

at vans a la mode manchester we have chosen to offer the complete rhino racking range due to its concise nature as well as its high quality. the rhino racking range is streamlined to include the essentials for all commercial vehicles. and each of these rhino products comes with their standard guarantee of extreme quality.

at vans a la mode manchester we offer the complete rhino racking range, so that includes their roof rack, roof bars and ladder storage solutions. but also their van accessories. here are the key van accessories that we like to offer to our customers in manchester, cheshire and across the UK.

rhino load stops have been specifically designed to keep your load secure and limit its movement during transport. hey are 160mm tall with a quality quick release system. the rhino load stops have been designed to work seamlessly with the rhino delta bar systems and there rhino modular roof racks.

manchester rhino racks
rhino load stops manchester

another van accessory rhino offer is their rear roller bars, these can be installed onto the rhino modular roof rack system as well as the rhino delta roof bar systems.  the rhino rear roller system makes loading and unloading from the rhino roof racks and rhino delta bar systems a lot easier.

an additional benefit of opting for the rhino rear roller system is that is helps to protect the rear of the van by adding that extra area to rest the ladder on when loading, so the ladder cannot come into contact with the van doors or roof.

the rhino rear roller is available in several different widths to suit most major makes and models.

as with all rhino racking products and rhino accessorises we at vans a la mode manchester offer a complete fitting service at our installation unit in sale, cheshire.

but these accessories are also available supply only if you can handle the install yourself.

rhino rear rollers manchester
rhino rear roller manchester

Rhino Van pipe tubes in Manchester and Cheshire

vans a la mode manchester offer the complete rhino rack range including all their accessories, this includes one of their most popular products, the rhino pipe tube. the rhino pipe tube systems offer the best method for transporting copper pipe, conduit and other long slim items that cannot be bend (until intended). made from the ground up by rhino their pipe tube systems have been created from very high spec materials to offer class leading performance that can withstand a high amount of weathering and abuse.

for plumbers or heating companies the rhino pipe tube is a most buy product for all vans thanks to its ability to store and transport up to 50 15mm copper tubes.

as with most rhino racking products the rhino pipe tube can be installed onto other rhino racking products. this rhino pipetube system can be installed onto a rhino modular roof rack, a rhino aluminium roof rack and onto their rhino delta bar systems.

to reduce weight at the top of the van, the rhino pipe tube systems are made mostly from aluminium. this aluminium is powder coated to offer maximum protection against weathering and is finished in silver as standard to give a modern, clean and minimalist look.

the end cap of the rhino pipe tube consists of a steel bulkhead with a plastic cone to give excellent protection as well as great aerodynamics.

the rhino pipe tube systems are available in 2 metre and 3 metre lengths, to suit different size vans. they have end caps on each end to give 2 access points for loading and unloading the rhino pipe tube. these end caps can also be locked once loaded to keep what is inside safe.

van pipe tubes manchester
rhino pipe tubes manchester

Rhino Commercial Vehicle (Van) Rear Ladders in Manchester and Cheshire

at vans a la mode manchester we offer the complete rhino racking range including their high quality accessories including the rear door ladder systems. these rhino ladder systems are available with bespoke fitting kits to aid installation to most popular makes and models, they are also custom built from the ground up to be as user friendly as possible. they are made from steel that is powder coated to give hundreds of houses of resistance against weathering including salt spray. the rhino rear door ladder systems have ben designed with ergonomics in mind, their rounded bars and anti slip rungs allow for easy use with an added feature of safety.

the rhino rear door ladder systems available from vans a la mode manchester include 6,7 or 8 steps depending on the roof high of your van. they can also be supplied with plates that once mounted behind the rear for of the van will help to strengthen the door (once the ladder system is installed) and also aid the rhino rear door ladder systems installation.

should you not want to install the rhino rear door ladder system yourself we at vans a la mode can help, as with all of our rhino racking products we offer a full fitting service. so you can drive your van into our installation unit in sale, cheshire, and we can install the rhino rear door ladder system to your van with a full warranty. as an added bonus we can also install other products to your van whilst it is with us. for example while we install a rhino rear door ladder system to your van we can also be adding bespoke van graphic livery, or installing one of the other rhino racking products we have on offer, like the rhino delta bar systems.

rhino racking manchester
rhino rear door ladder systems manchester

Rhino Van and Commercial Vehicle Steps in Manchester and Cheshire

health and safety is an every growing factor for any company who operates commercial vehicles on a daily basis, it doesn’t matter if you are a small company with 1 or 2 vans or a large national company managing a fleet consisting of dozens of commercial vehicles, having the correct products in place to meet health and safety regulations is a primary objective. thankfully we at vans a la mode manchester know all about this and have specifically picked our van accessories to suit all health and safety requirements.

the rhino safestep is one of the products we have taken on to assist with the health and safety aspects associated with unloading and loading a commercial vehicle. so whether the van is having something loaded onto the roof or into the rear, you can be assured that you have taken all precautions.

made from a steel frame with a powder coated under-layer and polymer top coat, the rhino safestep offers a incredibly durable commercial vehicle rear step with a custom design built around users needs. the polymer coating mentioned above also stops the rhino safestep system from becoming slipping in wet of frosting conditions.

aesthetically the rhino safestep is available in safety yellow and black, so no matter if you have a white van or a custom wrapped one, our rhino safestep systems can compliment the look of your van(s). the rhino safestep also comes with an additional red reflective strip along the side to help increase its safety credentials even further.

for minimal disruption the rhino safestep systems are also available with options parking sensors, so whether your van have sensors or not you will be able to monitor your distance while reversing.

as with all the rhino products we offer at vans a la mode manchester we offer a full fitting service for the rhino safestep at our installation unit in sale, cheshire.

manchester rhino racking
rhino safestep manchester

Rhino Towbar systems in Manchester and Cheshire

at vans a la mode manchester we offer the complete rhino products range, this not only includes the classic products like the rhino modular roof rack and delta bar systems but also the accessories like the rhino tow bars.

the rhino tow bar range we offer at vans a la mode manchester consists of the standard rhino tow bar. the rhino tow bar has been specifically designed to suit commercial vehicles, it is very simple to use but offers a few key features that rise it above some of its competitor products. every rhino tow bar system is powder coated at the factory, this allows for the tow bar to be subjected to hundreds of hours weathering (including salt spray) without showing signs of corrosion.

our rhino tow bar systems are available with custom electrical kits to accommodate for different wiring from all makes and models as well as extra features such as reversing lights.

the rhino tow bar systems come supplied with tow ball and tow bar cap.

we at vans a la mode manchester offer a full fitting service for the rhino tow bar systems but you can also purchase them supply only if you would like to install the rhino towbar yourself.

additional accessories for the rhino towbar are also available , including ball and pin, and jaw and pin attachments.

as with most rhino products they come with a lifetime guarantee.

rhino tow bars
rhino tow bars manchester

Rhino Ladder Clamps in Manchester and Cheshire

to compliment the range of rhino roof racks and rhino ladder storage systems on offer at Vans A La Mode Manchester, we also offer their Safeclamp systems to help secure ladders to the rhino roof bars, roof racks, ladderstows, etc.

made from stainless steel and composite the rhino safeclamp offers unrivalled strength and longevity due to additional resistance against rust. with its revolutionary one touch clamping method the rhino safeclamp is 5 times quicker to use when compared to screw on ladder clamps. attaching the rhino safeclamp couldn’t be easier, simply hook the underside of the ladder roof rack or roof bar with the stainless steel hook and lower the yellow composite bar down onto the ladder. lift up the arm and you are done.  to remove the rhino safeclamp just unlock the lock with one of the supplied keys, press the red button and turn the handle. no need to wait time screwing the ladder clamp down to secure the ladder to your roof rack.

rhino safeclamp
rhino safeclamp manchester

Rhino Ladder storage systems in Manchester and Cheshire

once you have allow us at Vans A La Mode Manchester to install one of our rhino roof racks or rhino delta bar systems we can assist with fitting them out for use with your regular equipment. things like ladders are items that are daily used in conjunction with commercial vehicles, so having a secure an easy was of storing and accessing your ladders is a vital way to increase your productivity.

we offer 2 dedicated rhino ladder storage solution systems to assist with storing and accessing your ladders.

the rhino ladderstow is our standard offering. the ladderstow creates a section on your roof rack of roof bar system that is dedicated to the storage of your ladders.

the rhino ladderstow has been deigned with ergonomic in mind to make loading and un-loading ladders easier and quicker. this ergonomic design has shaped the style of the ladderstow system and additional features such as the low friction sliders increase the usability of the rhino ladderstow further.

the rhino ladderstow system ensures you or your staff no longer need to climb onto the van to load or un-load ladders, which is great news for health and safety in the workplace.

to ensure fast and secure loading and storage of the ladders the rhino ladderstow system use an adjustable strap and buckle mechanism.

the rhino ladderstow if available fro Vans A La Mode Manchester in 2 sizes, 2.2m length and 3m length, these 2 sizes make the rhino ladder stow system suitable for short wheelbase, medium wheelbase and long wheelbase commercial vehicles and vans.

the rhino ladderstow storage system in best suited to low roof vans as there is no assistance when loading your ladders apart from the low friction sliders.

ladderstow systems manchester
rhino ladderstow manchester

if you have a medium roof or high roof van then is best to upgrade to the rhino safestow ladder system.

the rhino safestow is now in its 3rd generation and known as the Rhino Safestow3. it offers similar features to the ladderstow system but greatly increases safety and convenience when loading and un-loading ladders onto the roof of a van by adding gas rams to assist with lifting the weight of large ladders. these gas rams on the rhino safestow 3 stop to need to lift heavy ladders on and off the vehicle, the ladders can simply replaced onto the safestow system and guided up onto the roof within a few seconds.

as with the other rhino racking products the safestow 3 is made in the UK out of high quality robust materials including steel and aluminium.

the safest system has been developed to work with most types of ladders and like the rhino ladderstow it is also available in 2 sizes, 2.2m and 3m.

for increased adjustability the rhino safestow 3 system is supplied with rhino load stops and adjustable strips to ensure your ladders stay firmly in place on your vehicles roof once loaded.

the rhino safestow 3 system is completely with all rhino roof racks and can also be used in conjunction with the rhino delta bar system as long as the roof bar system has 3 or 4 bars.

the rhino safestow3 is the perfect ladder storage solution for large fleets due to its step by step loading process. no matter which vehicle your operatives are using if a rhino safestow system is installed you can be assured that the ladder is secured to the roof of the van correctly and your staff have not had any strain during the loading or un-loading process.

safestow systems manchester
rhino safestow manchester

The rhino safestow 3 system is available in 2 lengths and 3 configurations. the different safety configurations are single ladder, double ladder and wide ladder. these different configurations help to accommodate the different needs of our large variety of clients at Vans A La Mode Manchester.

at Vans A La Mode Manchester we offer a full installation and fitting service for our rhino safestow and ladderstow systems. If you are having a rhino roof rack or 3-4 delta roof bars installed by us we can install both systems at one to save you time and maybe even offer you a discount on the overall cost.

And as ever if you want to install the ladderstow or safestow system yourself you can purchase the roof bars from us supply only.

Rhino (Delta) Roof Bars in Manchester and Cheshire

if your budget cannot stretch to it or you don’t feel the need for a complete rhino roof rack on your van we at Vans A La Mode offer the complete range of Rhino rack Delta bar systems throughout Manchester and Cheshire.

the rhino rack delta bar systems are class leading due to their aerodynamic design, created to minimise window nice and drag to improve fuel efficiency.

made from high-tensile steel alloy, our rhino delta bar systems offer great strength and flexibility. we offer the complete range of rhino delta bar systems, so can offer 2 bar systems, 3 bar systems and 4 bar systems. each delta roof bar system can also have accessories added to increase the versatility of the roof bars.

to aid loading and un-loading of the delta bar system we can also install a rear roller, this will allow large items to be added to the delta bar system much easier and safer.

to ensure that your load stay securely on top of the rhino delta bar roof rack system we can also install rhino load stops, these will limit the movement of your load once it is on the roof bar system but pinning it into position.

because rhino roof racks are designed and made in the UK they all work together very nicely. this means that whether you have a full rhino roof rack system or a rhino delta bar roof system, the rhino accessories will fit seamlessly. so if you opt for a Rhino Delta bar system for your van(s) you can benefit from to complete range of rhino accessories including the following:





Beacon Holder

as with our rhino roof racks, we offer a full installation and fitting service for our rhino delta bar roof racking systems. and as ever if you want to install the delta bar system yourself you can purchase the roof bars from us supply only.

manchester rhino roof bars
rhino delta bar systems manchester

Rhino Roof Racks in Manchester and Cheshire

we offer 2 rhino roof rack systems, both offer exceptional quality and performance for different budgets.

our first option for the rhino racking system is the modular steel roof rack. these roof racks are made of heavy duty welded steel that can carry 8×4 panels. the modular roof rack is just that, modular. this mens that it is bolted together on the van. due to the quality construction of the rhino modular roof rack their modular construction does not effect their performance in anyway, there are no structural weaknesses.

as standard the rhino modular roof rack has an aerofoil on the front to limit wind noise and low drag resistance, therefore helping with fuel consumption of our van compared to if some other roof racks systems were installed instead. the final key features of the modular rhino roof rack is the inclusion of a rear roller as standard. the rear roller allows for much easier loading of items into the roof rack by greatly reducing the friction, allowing ladders, boards and panels to be relatively easily slip up only the roof rack system.

manchester rhino racking
rhino roof rack manchester

aluminium roof rack system

if your budget can allow for it we also offer the aluminium roof rack from the rhino roof rack range.

the biggest bonus of the aluminium rhino roof rack is the great reduction in overall weight. the aluminium roof rack system is 25% lighter than the modular steel roof rack system. this weight saving transfers to massive savings in fuel economy when compared to the modular system.

the aluminium roof rack by rhino has been designed as a next generation roof racking system, it is constructed from aluminium and composites, these materials matched with the high quality British manufacture allow it to offer superior levels of performance while greatly reducing weight.

the sleek design of the rhino aluminium roof rack also helps with aerodynamics, this reduction in drag also helps with fuel economy as well as wind noise.

as with the modular steel roof rack system, the aluminium rhino roof rack system also comes with a rear roller installed to assist with loading and un-lading of the items on the roof rack.

rhino roof racks manchester
aluminium roof racks manchester

if you are based in the Manchester or Cheshire area we offer a full fitting service for all of our rhino roof rack systems. the roof rack systems are also available supply only if you are happy to install them yourself.

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