Due to the huge variety of different vans on the road we cannot give exact prices for van wraps however this post is a rough guide to give our customers an idea of what kind of costs to expect.

Short wheelbase van wraps (transit connect, VW caddy, etc) = £995

Medium wheelbase van wraps (transit, vivaro, etc) = £1200

Long wheelbase van wraps (Renault master, etc) = £1450

Extra long wheelbase van wraps (transit jumbo, etc) = £1600+

These prices are based on Vans A La Mode using single colour vehicle wrap vinyl, if a printed version is required then the price increases by 25% due to the increased cost of material and labour.

Vans A La Mode only offer van wraps using high quality vehicle wrap material guaranteed by its manufacturers to conform to the deep recesses of vans and commercial vehicles.

it is possible to wrap a van for under £600 however this can only be done with a low quality material that is not guaranteed and is likely to peel, shrink or bubble within a few months of fitment. These issues would require additional costs or re-fitment as once the material has failed it will only get worse. This is why Vans A La Mode only uses guaranteed vehicle wrap material on its van wraps.

Our guaranteed van wrap material will last for several years, look great and will not damage the paintowrk once removed.

These prices are guides and may be subject to increase or decrease depending on the exact van and required design / sign writing.