Manchester’s one stop shop for everyones van & commercial vehicle needs has added 2 new products to its range of van accessories.

We can now supply and fully install speed limiter systems and cruise control units into vans of most makes & models.

Our Speed Limiters are priced at £200 plus vat plus fitting. 

These speed limiter systems are available for single vans as well as fleets of vehicles and can save your company money by limiting the speed of your vehicles to the most economical. Limiting the speed of your van can also save on the risk of accidentally getting caught speeding and the subsequent fines and increased insurance costs. 

Installing a speed limiter on a van can also help reduce the wear & tear on the vehicles engine and other components, again saving you money.

Vans A La Mode also offer fully installed Cruise Control systems for just £250 plus vat plus fitting.

Having cruise control added to a van can make long journeys much easier, improve fuel economy and less engine wear.