At Vans A La Mode one of our key products is the hands free telephone kit. Having your mobile phone connect via bluetooth to your van, allowing you to make & receive calls on the move legally is an absolute must have for any van or commercial vehicle.

Our hands free kits can be installed on their own or at the same time as you have another product installed on your van.

We keep a concise range of hands free kits from top manufacturers. We offer hands free kits from 3 main manufacturers, Parrot, Cobra (NSV) & our own economy option. Using 3 different makes allows us to offer hands free kits with several different features at different price ranges.

Our economy product does everything that a hands free kit needs to do for only £140.

Our Cobra hands free kits start at £185 for the standard option and can go up to £350+ for a bespoke option that is fitting into the vehicle dashboard, giving a factory fit style finish.

Our Parrot hands free kits start at £165 for the basic option rising to £199+ for telephone hands free kits including additional features such as screens and voice activation.