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January 2013

Van Wraps by Vans A La Mode in Manchester – Gallery

Van Graphic Gallery in Manchester

Van chevron kits by Vans A La Mode in Manchester

If you work through the night or need to stop on motorways often then having a chapter 8 chevron kit installed on your commercial vehicle is a must.  We can supply & fit custom cut chapter 8 compliant chevron kits to most makes & models of van. If we don’t have we don’t have a pre cut version ready for you we can also manufacture the kit bespoke for you.

Pre cut chevron kits are priced specifically for each van however we can give the following price range to give you an idea of what cost to expect.

£125 small van

£175 medium van

£210 large van

Size of van refers to the rear & not the wheelbase.

We offer a full range of reflective & fluorescent vehicle graphic vinyls so can manufacture custom shapes, chevrons, text, etc if you want something that is reflective or day glow but isn’t chapter 8 compliant.

Hands free phone kits for vans – Prices

At Vans A La Mode one of our key products is the hands free telephone kit. Having your mobile phone connect via bluetooth to your van, allowing you to make & receive calls on the move legally is an absolute must have for any van or commercial vehicle.

Our hands free kits can be installed on their own or at the same time as you have another product installed on your van.

We keep a concise range of hands free kits from top manufacturers. We offer hands free kits from 3 main manufacturers, Parrot, Cobra (NSV) & our own economy option. Using 3 different makes allows us to offer hands free kits with several different features at different price ranges.

Our economy product does everything that a hands free kit needs to do for only £140.

Our Cobra hands free kits start at £185 for the standard option and can go up to £350+ for a bespoke option that is fitting into the vehicle dashboard, giving a factory fit style finish.

Our Parrot hands free kits start at £165 for the basic option rising to £199+ for telephone hands free kits including additional features such as screens and voice activation.

Internal van racking from Vans A La Mode in Manchester

To carry your load safely, carry your tools securely and allow you to organise your equipment for quick and convenient access an internal racking system is a must for most modern commercial vehicles.

We offer a large range of internal racking systems from relatively small single width racks up to systems intended to fill as much of the van as possible.

How much an internal racking system depends on how much racking you require. As a guide we can offer Internal racks from £195 – £500+vat plus fitting

Roof bars in Manchester

An alternative to full roof racks, van roof bars can be a more cost effective option that offer the majority of the same features.

Roof bars are also a lot more versatile in terms of fitment so they are easier to cost for a larger variety of vans

Our range of roof bars are priced between £50 & £100+Vat excluding fitment.


Roof racks prices from Vans A La Mode in Manchester

With vans coming in so many different shapes & sizes it is difficult to accurately cost for a range of vans however we have put together the following price range to give our customers an idea of how much a quality roof rack supplied by Vans A La Mode will cost. 

Roof racks range from £200 – £400 +vat plus fitting charge.

Van roof pipe carriers

Having a pipe carrier installed on your van or commercial vehicle is a must if you are likely to have the need to transport long items that cannot be folded or bent. There are so may makes & models of van that we can not give an accurate pricelist and each pipe carrier needs to be quoted for a specific van however we can offer the following as a guide.

Pipe carriers price range – £70 – £160+Vat plus fitting

We offer a large range of pipe carriers from the top manufacturers in the industry.

Van ply lining pricelist from Vans A La Mode Manchester

With so many different makes & models on van on the market we cannot offer an exact pricelist for our van lining kits however to give our customers an idea of costs we can give the following prices in reference different size vans. The final price may go up or down dependant of the exact van and requirements. 

Short wheelbase van ply lining = £95 plus fit

Medium wheelbase van ply lining = £150 plus fit

Long wheelbase van ply lining = £185 plus fit

Extra long wheelbase van ply lining = £225 plus fit


For more information take a look at our website and its van Ply lining page and call or email for a custom quote.

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