One of the most important accessories for commercial vehicles now a days has to be a hands free telephone kit. With the law cracking down on the use of mobile phones whilst driving installing a hands free phone kit should be your top priority. Getting caught using a mobile hone while driving now incurs 3 penalty points on your licence and a £60 fine. This makes it even more obvious to add a hands free kit to your van as getting caught just twice would cost more than most hands free telephone kits (including installation) and will put your driving licence at risk in no time.

Vans A La Mode offer a full range of telephone hands free kits including full professional installation in Manchester. Our hands free kits are supplied by the top manufacturers including Parrot & Cobra.

Our basic bluetooth hands free phone kit can be purchased (including installation) for as little as £130 when bought on their own or as little as £99 if ordered with van graphics, van wraps, ply lining or roof racks.

Our basic hands free bluetooth phone kit is connected through your vans stereo system and connects wirelessly to your phone via bluetooth. Our premium hands free phone kit systems also incorporate additional features such as voice activation, MP3 playback (through you van stereo) and LCD screens.

Vans A La Mode have a hands free telephone kit to sort your needs whether it is down to budget or features.